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AAM’s Knowledge Sharing for Customer at AAM’s Branch
Tuesday, 14 June 2011 16:35

Routinely since January 2011, AAM conduct an event called AAM's Knowledge Sharing (AKAR) cooperating with PT Dexa Medica, the Synergy team. This event was given to selected pharmacies in many cities around Indonesia. AKAR was purposed not only to strengthen relationship between AAM and its customers; front liners, pharmacist, dispenser, and/or owners, but also to give them useful knowledge for enhancing their skills.

The 1st AKAR – SYNERGY was carried out on Jan 25, 2011 by JK1-A and B with a theme of “Communication Skills”. Next, the 2nd event which successfully gathered 50 people from 32 pharmacies has done by JK3-A in FEFO Cafe Resto, Ciputat. The event started at 9.00 AM till 15.00 PM was led by Mr Hengky as a Head Branch of JK3-A. Some activities conducted in this event were training 'Selling with heart' by Mr Li Seng Cuan and Product Knowledge Sharing from Product Manager of Dexa Medica.

The 3rd AKAR was organized by JK2-B for its customers for the first time lead by Head of Branch, Mr Syahril Sulingo on Feb 23, 201. There were about more than 50 person from both pharmacy and hospital enthusiast and actively joined as participants. Not only training, but some Product Knowledge sharing and games also has been done about DISOLF, Inlacin, Rhinos SR, Vometa, and Tensivask this occasion in RM Bumbu Desa, Kelapa Gading.

On Tuesday Mar 8, 2011 The 4th AKAR was carried out with a theme of Customer Service Excellence by JK2-A. Continued by JK3-B, AKAR led by Mr. Teguh – Head of Branch was held in Depok to its 38 Pharmacy in the area. Similar theme of training in JK3-A given by Mr. Li Seng Cuan was conducted for this event.

Next, the 5th and 6th AKAR were done for West Java area on March 16 and 17, 201. In this occasion, BDG A and B, acting as organizers, has chosen “Communication Skill” as the training theme. Customers were very active and enjoying the event, especially the training and product knowledge games. “More than 50 customers joined AKAR both in BDG A and B. The atmosphere was designed for the participants to actively interact in each session. Lots of gimmicks and doorprizes were given for participants” said CSOKORD BDG, Mrs. Yanti. This event also attended by Head of BDG A and B, Mr Nirwan Banton and Mr. Heronimus E.Badar, also AAM Regional Manager Mr.Doni Rizal.

The last  AKAR  on this quarter  year  was  conducted  by  JK3-B for  its loyal customers, MMC  Hospital  on Mar 24, 2011  with a theme  of “Smart  Customer  Service”.

Below are several comments from the participants:

Krismawati (Apt. Kaswari, Jakarta): "AKAR is very educating and insightful for me to increase service for my customers”

Desi Amelia Sari (Apt. Nidea, Jakarta): “Thank you AAM. Now, I could know better how to serve a patient, know more about Dexa Medica products and its benefits.

Iin Irmawati Jmed (Apt. Health Express, Jakarta): “The material given “Selling skill with heart” motivated me to be better and has changed my perception”

Ana (Apt. K24, Sunter): “A useful program! Please add more products on product knowledge sharing session. I suggest AAM not to deliver similar product knowledge in next AKAR like you had conveyed a year ago in Alia Hotel, 2010. 

Ika (Apt. Cisalak Farma, Depok): "AKAR gives me insight on selling skill and dealing with many different customers' characters. I hope this event can be conducted continuously”

M Munawar S.SI, Apt (Apt. Prima Husada Cinere, Depok): “AKAR gives me ideas about how to communicate with customers and to convey information about product better. I hope I will be invited on next AKAR!”

Ibu Asti Yuniar (Apt K-24, Bandung): “I suggest AAM could give more case studies and discussion about problems occasionally occur when dealing with the customers, esp in pharmacy. I feel that this would be very useful”

Bu Astuti (KF 10/ KF BM): “Before the event was started, I thought it would be boring. But, it comes to be very exciting. I have met new friends and gain new experiences regarding communication excellence”

Direktur (Medik RS. M.M.C, Jakarta): "Well done AAM! This training is very useful for us and partners and hopefully, by this, we could increase our services and perform better for the patients”

Ibu Anas (SDM RS M.M.C, Jakarta): “A good training and very suitable to be implemented in our daily operations”